How to insert an Image in an article

There are three ways to insert an image/icon in an article:

  • Upload to gallery and link
  • Use pre-existing icon/image
  • Upload your own icon

First the gallery method:

To insert a photo in an article, the fist step is to upload the photo in the gallery.  You have to register in gallery to upload.  Then once this is done then view the image in gallery and copy the link. to get the link:

  • if you are using internet explorer, right click on image and select properties, there you will find ADDRESS (URL), select and copy what follows.
  • if you are Using mozilla firefox web browser, right click on image and select COPY LINK LOCATION.
  •  Then in joomla editor, Click on the tree icon and paste the image url.

In the example below, I took a photo that was already uploaded to gallery, right clicked on the image and copied the image  URL, in this case:

I then pasted the image in the image URL after I clicked on the tree which inserts an image anchor.

In case you’re wondering, in the picture, I am the chubby fella in the middle Laughing

Another way is to use pre-existing icons in the article editor, see the image button at the bottom on the article editor.  You can select any icon, like this: 

Or, you can upload your own icron, like I added for the family logo: 

There may be size limits here, not sure.. need to experiment. It is better to use the gallery to upload photos because it allows us to organize the photos better.

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