Walid Medawar

Miss Being here — OH medawars i still Love you All

Being A Medawar


I have Missed being on Medawar Website


Though I Never stopped feeling a Medawar so Might I have Missed Sharing Medawar members Insight


But I have been always Praying for God’s Love to Shine on Them SO Bright I have Been Held By MY Medawar passion So Tight


Sharing It Make the World Peace closer to Eye sight As Medawar’s we offer the world a Twilight that Make them see even in the darkness Night If My Pride is the fruit of Being a Medawar so Wright Than I’m destined to win all my Future fight I send you all My Love with each rose of Morning Light.


And ill spend my day wishing that u all remain alright


Being a Medawar is my Birth Right Living as Medawar is my Life Light Spreading My Medawar is the world Right Light




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