Abed Medawar


Hello Medawars:

Thank you for putting this together! The USA branch misses all of you and hope to see you soon. yes I know long overdue rather than keep regretting past opportunies we just look forward, stay positive, and hope we can make it happen soon! We are all well, busy with work, school and a lot of other activities. Trevor is busy with school and sports. He recently started playing lacrosse which is a really fun game. fast and physical. Alex continues to to grow her music and singing portfolio and she’s become a very good singer and actor. Lisa’s day is typically very busy with running our home, working at the office, working at a gym nearby, and runing around with the kids. Abed is busy running the company and getting in exercise when and where possible. I am sure you heard about the earthquake in Haiti.   a about two months ago our family felt so bad for the victims we felt strongly we needed to do something to help them. We knew a freind who was doing soem charitable work in Haiti and we decided to buy and ship 3 cargo containers of materials we would collect in our community. Fast forward 6 weeks we collected a warehouse full of stuff ranging from food, clothing, furniture, wheelchairs, medical supplies, etc and shipped it all to haiti. It is tarting to arrive now and soon will be distributed to the locals. See below pics. Love you all, bye for now..

Abed Medawar 
Friday, 23 April 2010

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