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A natural image of serenity and sincerityNadine Medawar was born in Byblos, Lebanon, on March 14th 1981. She was soaked in music and travels since her early childhood. Being the youngest of the family, her mother and two sisters passed on their passion for piano to Nadine. She started studying this instrument when she was six years old.

She pursued training in classical music in Montreal – where she moved with her family at nine years old. While continuing in music, she completed a diploma in International Business and Corporate Strategy. At the age of 22, Nadine founded a non-profit humanitarian organization with her sister. In 2002, the organization, “Hope Without Borders”, was officially established, aiming to raise funds for shelters of abused women and children, as well as for orphanages.

In 2003, after she had just graduated, Nadine was hired for the Amelia tour, a production by La La La Human Steps. After passing three rounds of auditions, she was chosen to be a singer in the troop. Her voice represents particularly well Edouard Lock’s eccentric choreographies and David Lang ’s complex melodies. During those two years, the troop made more than one hundred performances throughout several continents! Nadine has managed to win the esteem of famous artists, such as Lou Reed and the famous David Bowie, who congratulated her backstage.

Her voice is praised by critics and her music shows a sensitive and pure maturity while preserving the subtle traces of her roots. This young woman, who possesses a disconcerting calm, delivers authentic and touching music.

In August 2005, she performed on Symphonie de l’espoir, an album named after a foundation that raises funds for organizations like MIRA and YMCA. In the opus, Nadine was featured alongside Marie-Chantal Toupin, Corneille, Mitsou, Caroline Néron, Ima, Kim Richardson, among others, and was the only artist who sang two songs on the album.

She just completed her first album that she self-produced with her record label, True Music, founded in 2008. Her songs are inspired from childhood milestones in Lebanon. In those true stories, Nadine Medawar renders an honest portrait of her musical universe that is rich in emotions. After two years of labour, she finally presents her first opus, To Be Me.


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