The scene has been quiet on since I posted the last article about genetic lineage testing.  There is no news there.  I am still waiting for the paternal Y-chromosomes test results.  The initial test was inconclusive for the purpose of determining my parental haplogroup. National Geographic communicated to me that they are conducting further tests.

Another project we have been working on is a combined family tree for all the known trees (Beirut/Kesserwan).

There could be other projects that involve other medawars, especially youngesters.  How about a family video newsletter, i.e, each week we publish a family video newsleter with contributions from Medawar kids and adults alike.  The editor could rotate from week to week or month to month.  The newsletter can be put together with Microsoft movie maker (or the equivalent for Mac).  We would take cellphone video recording as well as digital video recording as long as the quality is acceptable and the subject of the video of general interest.

Another project that is dear to my heart is to do a recorded history of the medawars, especially for the elders among us.  Have family members narrate audio or video recording about the past history (who did what, when).

Lastly, I am facinated by Nabil’s facebook photo archive.  Maybe we can concentrate this archive and have other people contribute.  We can then decide where to house the photo archive so that it is more easily accessed and added to.  The photo archive can be extended to a video archive.  We can also lock the archive so that only family members can view it.

So what do you think?


Ongoing Projects

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