Cherif Medawar

By Cherif Medawar:

From the desk of Cherif Medawar, Founder of ICRE

Dear friend:

Everyone deserves the opportunity to reach their ultimate potential. To have lasting wealth, plus the time to enjoy it.

I created the Institute of Commercial Real Estate to help people speed along a wealth-building path that I have taken personally. I promise you — without hesitation — that my strategies can work like a charm. I went from being a typical employee at a typical company, to being a private investor with a high net worth in the tens of millions and growing monthly.

I’ve been on both sides of the coin: working 60 hours a week for my money — and having my money work overtime for me. Trust me, you want the latter.

There was a time when I had only a few dollars and owned no real estate at all working around the clock for the next promotion and a higher executive position. Today, I own many types of commercial real estate and am one of the largest holders of small, historic commercial real estate in the United States and its territories. I’m extremely proud of that because proper development and management of historic property helps preserve our country’s character and heritage. It’s my hope that many of you will consider owning historic property in your community and preserving its legacy.

Having taken the journey from paycheck to paycheck to multimillionaire, I can assure you that you too can step out of your ordinary life and become rich beyond your expectations. And unlike my personal journey, you can do it much faster… because I’ve mapped out the steps.

The vehicle that can create unimaginable wealth for you is commercial real estate. Commercial property — including apartments, offices, retail, warehouses, hotels, and more — is real estate at its moneymaking strongest.

My life changed in one day.

I was fresh out of UCLA, working night and day as a hotel manager at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, when a billionaire guest pulled me aside and said, “Cherif, come work for me. I will show you the path to wealth.”

Soon I was assisting him personally. It was an incredible education. I learned the techniques and methods of commercial real estate, plus the financial secrets that make huge wealth possible.

I learned how to acquire properties… how real estate deals are structured… and how $$$ billions are made. I began to buy my own properties and develop a personal system for creating wealth.

And here’s a surprise… it doesn’t have to take a lot of money. It does not even take a lot of time. You can start out big, even if your bank account is empty. That’s one reason why I have total confidence ANYONE CAN DO IT!

Today, I have properties all over the world and yet I work less than ever. No more long hours. My wealth works for me. I will be richer tomorrow than today, even if I take today off and relax.

This too can be your future. Let me reveal the secret, just as the billionaire did for me many years ago, and show you my private steps to wealth. It all begins at my FREE workshop.

Your life can change in one day too.

If you want to do more with your life than simply scrape by… if you want true success… then learn from those who have achieved success. Break through to the top level.

Today can be the beginning of your breakthrough… if you want it to be. Take a moment now to check the dates of the next FREE workshop.


Cherif Medawar
Santa Clara, Calif.

Saturday, 7 August 2009

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