Founders of Al Medawar and Relatives Association

Founders of Al Medawar and Relatives Association (with the original document signed by the Founders):

Name  Educational Level  Current Occupation Address
 Bassima Mohamad Kamal Medawar Computer Programming  Library and printing center Manager   Beirut – korneesh Al Mazraa
 Samira Abdullah Medawar Specialization in Sociology  Ministry of social affairs/ retired  Ras Beirut – Medawar real estate
 Imad Adel Medawar  Baccalaureate Libanais/civil engineering  Architect/ Oger Lebanon  Beirut – kaskas
 Omar Mahmoud Medawar Computer engineering/ sworn in expert  commerce/sworn in expert  Ras Beirut – Medawar real estate
 Riyad Anees Medawar  Accounting and Finance  ALIG Insurance  Beirut – Borj Abo Haidar


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