Genealogy Project

As you know probably know already from my facebook group “Medawar Genealogy Project” I am very much interest in the Medawar family history.  I am specifically interested in DNA testing as a way to shed some light on the family history.  I used the National Geographic Genographic Project to submit two DNA sample (one for a mtDNA maternal test and one for a Y chromosome, paternal, test.  See for information.

I mailed my test samples a couples weeks ago.  They are now in the process of being processed.  I expect the result of the test to indicate my personal family origin and hence the family origin.  We can use such tests to compare notes to determine if all the Medawar’s share the same DNA markers.

I will report on the results in the Medawar Website blog.

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  1. Margaret Almodovar

    Please forward any information. I know my surname was changed by the Spaniards. I would like to know if my genealogy stems from the Medawar family. I thank you in advance.
    Margaret Almodovar

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