Welcome to the new look for the Medawar family website.

The old site is still accessible at http://medawar.net/joomla

All users have author role.  This means you can access the media and NextGen libraries to insert pictures into your posts.


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    I like the new improvements to the site, thanks Bassem :-)

  2. Suzanne.Lorraine.Medawar.

    Hi, I am looking for my roots ,My parents came from England,My fathers name is George.E.Medawar. and my mothers name is Patricia.Mary.Medawar. My mothers maden name is Rayner ,I know they both came from England, and I know both my Grandparents were from England also. So,can anyone from this site HELP me…?? Thank You Suzanne

  3. Margaret Almodovar

    I would love to know if in reality surname Almodovar is a derivative of
    Surname Medawar? I am very proud of my name. I wish I could do my genealogy. I have read everything and anything available related to surname and history. I am aware of the modification made by the crown of Spain but that does not halt me. My next trip to Spain will be with my brother to visit the Castle. Thank you. Margaret Almodovar

  4. Arabic المدور and Spanish al-mo-do-va-r are pretty close:
    ال = Al (article the)
    م = mo
    د = do
    و = va (corrupted w, common to languages rooted in Proto-Indo-European)
    ر = r

    See http://genealogy.familyeducation.com/surname-origin/almodovar
    Spanish (Almodóvar) and Portuguese (Almodôvar): habitational name from places called Almodóvar, in the provinces of Ciudad Real and Córdoba and near Cuenca, Spain, or from Almodôvar, Portugal. These are named with Arabic al-mudawwar ‘the round’, ‘the circular’, referring to a hill, fort, or other topographic feature.

  5. Hi Suzanne l medawar , my name is Julie and I am also looking for information on the medawar family as I believe they may have information about a janet m McKenna who travelled with george , patricia and thomas medawar on a ship that left Southampton in 1946 called the scythia bound for new york. Their address at the time was 53 Coleraine road london se2. I wonder do you have any knowledge of this.

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