A Primary Visit for One, A return for the Other

This was a Special Summer in our home; We were visited by Medawar Family members from USA. Uncle Bassem Medawar was paying us his second visit, the first being last summer. While for Alex Medawar, Daughter of Abed Medawar ( Bassem’s Brother) and Grand daughter of Mohamad Kamal Medawar, it was her first visit to Lebanon. over the course of more or less 2 weeks, we had the pleasure to get to know uncle Bassem more and meet the Fabulous Alex :)

We made sure Uncle Bassem and Alex visited most of the places that are part of Lebanon’s heritage, Such the fortress and old city of Byblos (Jbeil), Der il kamar, Downtown, Jeita Grotto, Harissa Cable car up to “Saydet Lebnan” Statue, Cedar Forest, and many other places. We also did some Hiking, Mountain Climbing and swimming activities across Lebanon. Not to mention all the good iftars, movies, Outings and good times we had together and with the entire family..

The pictures from their visits Clearly illustrate how it was, So if you would like to see the albums, Make sure to dd Bassem Medawar on facebook and see the albums, as for now I’ll post some sample pictures and hope youi enjoy!

P.S: I’ll leave it to Alex and Bassem to intorduce themselves to you! (Bassem Medawar is the Admin of the site if you need to contact him personally ;)

Mohamad Al Medawar
Monday, 20 September 2010

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