A Friendship Prayer

I would like to share this Prayer so each Medawar Member know he or she is a friend for me

A Friendship Prayer
God, I come to your throne for prayer
Knowing that you are always near
You always know what’s on my mind,
For you are always right on time.

I have so many dear loving friends
Some in need, others hurt so much,
Would you please just stop by today,
To let them feel your loving touch

I just leave them in your loving care
As I kneel before you, I leave a prayer.
That You will supply each need today,
They will know you are not far away.

I leave them now in your strong arms
Knowing Lord, your will be done,
All things happen, it is your plan,
Someday in glory we will understand.

Friends stand by when we’re in need
How nice to feel friends gentle breeze,
I give God thanks for each one so dear,
Friends are special, God answers prayer.

- © 2006 Bernice Ward

Walid Medawar
Friday, 16 July 2010

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