The union of Families in Beirut

Dear family

The union of Families in Beirut has formed nine committees, hoping to try to make a difference in the development of Beirut. These committees are:

  • Public Relations headed by Mr. Hisham Dimachkiya,
  • Youth and Sports headed by Mr. Adel Yamout,
  • Education and learning headed by Mr. Hassan Hallak,
  • Environment headed by Mr. Imad Medawar,
  • Health by Mr. Nourdeen El Koush ,
  • Commerce By Mr. Abdallah Shaheen,
  • publications by Ousamah Mehio,
  • Finance by Ghazi El Habri,
  • And Last but not Least The Ladies committee headed by Mrs. Ikbal Doughan.

The Ladies are very enthusiastic about Being able to raise awareness about a lot of issues that worry the Lebanese women as a whole. We will follow these Ladies to Find out what they have in mind for us :-)

Bassima Medawar 
Sunday, 23 May 2010

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