Few Relations In Earth Never Die – F ^ R ^ I ^ E ^ N ^ D

“ F “ Few
- “ R “ Relations
- “ I “ In
- “ E “ Earth
- “ N “ Never
- “ D “ Die
-They are Thee who whatever my Weak human Soul Produce their true Friendship Soul Embrace.

-They are the reason I Rejoice the new Moment of Life I gain with each beat of my heart.

-I’m always Half of everything till I’ll be completed by whom I call “friend “.

-GOD granted us Talent to spare but Yet he also created friends to make us show them with dare.

-When God Created forgiveness it was for the sake of “Eternal Friendship” for only them can give it.

-The Sun may light me when It Shine but a friend Light me all the time.

- Friends are the Heart of Life while Love is Part of life.

-Our relations in life are subject to changes from Love to Hate but only their relations have the direction
from Love to Believe.

-In My Moment of “Self Criticism” he is the one to Offer me back my “ Self Believe “.

-A friend is whom I stand next to him as “ME “,no camouflage, no Pretending and NO fear.

-They are Thee who Join our Souls by FUSION and not by Sharing.

-They are those who are not Around but whom are Treasured deep Inside.

-The things you cherish are Soon to be Gone but a friend you cherish will never gone.

-They are Thee who if we did everything or we did nothing will still have it as Best time Together.

-Are Those who Strengthen me with their prayers, Bless me with Their Love and encourage me with
their Hope.

-A 24 Hours action in this Cruel Life might seem Impossible to overcome Unless we are cruising them next to a friend.

-The meaning of My Smile was revealed to me while making my first Friend and since then not shown unless in the smiles of my friends.

-A Friend is Thee who I find him next to me when other chosen to be somewhere else.

-As Human we Tend to Leave our Old things behind but still our sweetest word will ever be : Old Friends we are and still.

Friends are the Book that can never be closed or Finished so ill end up by this Quote who always marked my life

“However rare true love may be, it is less so than true friendship.”
La Rochefoucauld (1665)

Walid Medawar 
Wednesday, 05 May 2010

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