To all Medawars

I would like to extend my warm greetings in this blessed and festive season to all Medawars in and out of Lebanon. Our dream is a BIG Medawar gathering one day, and if things keep improving and the situation stays stable in Lebanon, this dream could be realized soon. Help us make it come about, give us your suggestions like where and when.

As a member of the Medawar association I would like to hear from anyone who is interested in group work . Ideas to make the association a beneficial entity to the Medawars is welcome. I would like to hear from you.

Tel: 01310112 – 03 284657 – 01 368690

Bassima Medawar
Saturday, 26 December 2009

7 Responses to To all Medawars

  1. Samira medawar

    Meu nome é Samira Mara Medawar, filha de Samir Medawar, neta de Elias Medawar e Emelie Medawar, moro no Brasil, e estou a procura de meus familiares que mora no libano. Por favor me ajude.

  2. Translation from Portugese:

    اسمي سميرة مارا مدور، ابنة سمير مدور، حفيدة الياس مدور و اميلي مدور، أنا أعيش في البرازيل وأنا أبحث عن أقاربي الذي يعيش في لبنان. الرجاء مساعدتي.

  3. Olá Samira, você sabe que sua vila avós são de? Alguns membros da família são de Medawar Keserwan. Outros são de Beirute. Por favor, verifique a página para uma das histórias de família para ver se ele corresponde ao seu. Você também pode traduzir a página da web para o Português, ver o ícone do Google Translate no canto superior direito. Diga-nos o que você sabe sobre sua família e alguém poderia reconhecê-lo.

    Bassem Medawar

  4. Alfred Saadé

    Dear Samira Mara,
    I am your cousin, son of Tia Samira Medawar. My grandfather is Elias Medawar and my grandmother is Emilie Sabagh. My uncle is your father Samir Medawar. We wrote to him for many years without reply and I have no idea about you and Carmen contacts. It will be my utmost pleasure to be in touch with you my dear cousin. I left my name and e.mail address. Your name is similar to my mother name and I hope that my message reaches you. I do not speak Portuguese. Please call me or send me a message so I can call you. My number is 0096170 483456. Please please give me you contacts. With my love to you and Carmen…. Alfred

  5. Alfred Saadé

    Dear Samira,
    You have a big family in Lebanon and we see each other very often. Your origin village is Mtein and you house is in Furn El Chubbak -Beirut. I am waiting impatiently for your contact. It is not late and always time to communicate and know about each other and why not to see you.
    Awaiting for your news….. Alfred

  6. Dear Samire Mara,

    I am still hoping to call me on 0096170483456. I am inviting you to visit your family in Lebanon. Please call me

  7. hi

    i have all the papers of elias medawar that was the comandar of the lebanis zandarmery in 1938/

    iwant to now if he have children or grand children??


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