Parental DNA results

My parental (Y-Chromosme) results are in.  I am J1 Haplogroup which is a haplogroup of Middle East origin, specificly Arabian peninsula.  Quote [ ]:

Haplogroup J1, defined by the 267 marker is most frequent in the Arabian Peninsula Yemen(76%)[1], Saudi (64%) [2], Qatar (58%)[3], and Dagestan (56%)[4]. J1 is generally frequent amongst Arab Bedouins (62%[5]. It is also very common among other Arabs such as those of the southern Levant, i.e. Palestinian Arabs (38.4%) [6], in Algeria (35%)[7], Iraq (68%),Tunisia (31%)[8], Syria (30%), Egypt (20%)[9], and the Sinai Peninsula. The frequency of Haplogroup J1 collapses suddenly at the borders of Arabic speaking countries with mainly non-Arabic speaking countries, such as Turkey (9%) and Iran (9.5%) [10], but it is also highly frequent among Ashkenazi Jews from Europe (19%), compared to the general European population [1].”


Bassem Medawar
Saturday, 29 August 2009

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