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Happy anniversary Abed and Lisa Medawar – July 10

Congratulations to Abed and Lisa Medawar on their 22nd marriage anniversary! 22 years of marriage and 2 kids to be proud of, Alexandria and Trevor James.

Here’s to the Happy Couple:

Abed and Lisa

Abed and Lisa

Medawar Ajaltoun and Medawar Beirut Iftar @ Habib Medawar

With the kind hospitality of Habib Nicolas Medawar,  the Medawar family and the Medawar and relatives family associations held the first combined iftar.

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20-year anniversiry of Imad and Suha Medawar

Congratulations to Imad and Suha Medawar – 20 years of marriage and 2 boys to be proud of, Bilal and Tarik.

Some Pictures from the Wedding, 20 years ago:

Imad and Suha

Imad and Suha

Top left to right: Rima and Siba Bottom left to right: Khalil, Majed, and Mohamad

Top left to right: Rima and Siba
Bottom left to right: Khalil, Majed, and Mohamad

Left to right: Khalil, Mohamad, and Adel

Left to right: Khalil, Mohamad, and Adel

My Life (Book) – Mohamad Kamal Medawar

Mohamad Kamal Medawar, Born in 1928, has led a full life and is a great grandfather. The true legacy of Mohamad is his story. His wife Margret Medawar, and son, Bassem Medawar, took it upon themselves to help him put together his most interesting and inspiring life stories into one book in the form of an autobiography.


Here’s a synopsis of the book published on Amazon:

This book is the life story of a self made successful businessman and freight forwarder, Mohammad Kamal Medawar. The narrative starts in early childhood, at a time when the author’s country of birth, Lebanon, was going through its formation as a modern nation. Each episode of the Mohammad’s life is covered by a chapter: early childhood, going to work, the turning point that changed Mohammad’s professional life from a barber to a successful and trusted businessman, early days as a freight forwarder and first travels. The narrative then takes the reader through the ups and downs of the 1973 wars, oil boom period, then Lebanese civil war, reestablishing business in Saudi Arabia, and the experience of establish business in the United States. The story ends with the newest generation of great grand kids.

The book is available on create space:

and Amazon: