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20-year anniversiry of Imad and Suha Medawar

Congratulations to Imad and Suha Medawar – 20 years of marriage and 2 boys to be proud of, Bilal and Tarik.

Some Pictures from the Wedding, 20 years ago:

Imad and Suha

Imad and Suha

Top left to right: Rima and Siba Bottom left to right: Khalil, Majed, and Mohamad

Top left to right: Rima and Siba
Bottom left to right: Khalil, Majed, and Mohamad

Left to right: Khalil, Mohamad, and Adel

Left to right: Khalil, Mohamad, and Adel

My Life (Book) – Mohamad Kamal Medawar

Mohamad Kamal Medawar, Born in 1928, has led a full life and is a great grandfather. The true legacy of Mohamad is his story. His wife Margret Medawar, and son, Bassem Medawar, took it upon themselves to help him put together his most interesting and inspiring life stories into one book in the form of an autobiography.


Here’s a synopsis of the book published on Amazon:

This book is the life story of a self made successful businessman and freight forwarder, Mohammad Kamal Medawar. The narrative starts in early childhood, at a time when the author’s country of birth, Lebanon, was going through its formation as a modern nation. Each episode of the Mohammad’s life is covered by a chapter: early childhood, going to work, the turning point that changed Mohammad’s professional life from a barber to a successful and trusted businessman, early days as a freight forwarder and first travels. The narrative then takes the reader through the ups and downs of the 1973 wars, oil boom period, then Lebanese civil war, reestablishing business in Saudi Arabia, and the experience of establish business in the United States. The story ends with the newest generation of great grand kids.

The book is available on create space:

and Amazon:

Medawar Postal Covers

Madame T. Medawar, Alger, April 9, 1943

France Libre censorship

P. A. Medawar, August 2, 1950

P. A. Medawar, August 7, 1950


Dear family

The union of Families in Beirut and under the auspices of Bahiya Hariri met with the UNDP ( UNITED NATIONS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM) to evaluate previous projects and to try to lay down a protocol for future collaboration that aims to support families and empower them to play their supposed roles in their communities.

when this protocol is signed between the UNDP and the union of Families in Beirut, it will be distributed among the various families to read and be discussed.

Each family should have at least 100 registeed members to qualify, and should give the names of two young people who have the time to be active with the UNDP representatives on behalf of the family .

The UNDP will not be handing money over unless the family has a definite project outlined and studied . for example our family needs a place to meet, right now our representatives are meeting in Mrs. Samira Medawar’s house for discussion and planning of activities and gatherings, but to activate the Medawar association properly we need a proper address, so our personal aim is to procure a permenant  address , then when that is ready ,we can ask the UNDP for utilities such as computers  and office equipment etc… this is an example  and we are open for suggestions.

I forgot to mention that three cities are concerned in this , other than Beirut there is Tripoli and Sidon.

we would like to get your feedback either on the official site”” or on facebook “medawars all over the world” .

Thank you

Bassima Medawar 
Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Parental DNA results

My parental (Y-Chromosme) results are in.  I am J1 Haplogroup which is a haplogroup of Middle East origin, specificly Arabian peninsula.  Quote [ ]:

Haplogroup J1, defined by the 267 marker is most frequent in the Arabian Peninsula Yemen(76%)[1], Saudi (64%) [2], Qatar (58%)[3], and Dagestan (56%)[4]. J1 is generally frequent amongst Arab Bedouins (62%[5]. It is also very common among other Arabs such as those of the southern Levant, i.e. Palestinian Arabs (38.4%) [6], in Algeria (35%)[7], Iraq (68%),Tunisia (31%)[8], Syria (30%), Egypt (20%)[9], and the Sinai Peninsula. The frequency of Haplogroup J1 collapses suddenly at the borders of Arabic speaking countries with mainly non-Arabic speaking countries, such as Turkey (9%) and Iran (9.5%) [10], but it is also highly frequent among Ashkenazi Jews from Europe (19%), compared to the general European population [1].”


Bassem Medawar
Saturday, 29 August 2009

Genealogy Project – mtDNA

My National Geographic mtDNA analysis became available to me today.  I (or rather my maternal lineage) comes most likely from Western Europe.  I belong to Haplogroup H.  This group is mostly found in Western Europe but it does exist in lesser percentages in Asia.

Here is the Wikipedia entry for Haplogroup H.  Once my paternal (Y Chromosom) results are returned, I will update this document.  To keep this document short, I am moving the discussion into the Forum.  To submit your own DNA sample, check out the Genographic project.

Medawar Spelling!

A Recent tip from Walid Medawar:

Redondo is Medawar in spanish !! and apparently, many medawars have their family names as Redondo.

so the list is longer now!!!!

(Al) Medawar – (Al) Mdawar – (Al) Modawar – (Al) Mudawar – (Al) Medwar – (Al) Moudawar – Modovar -Redondo

Mohamad Al Medawar 
Friday, 31 July 2009

Persian Medawar

ج- ر- د- ق

الجردقة، بالفتح: الرغيف نقله الجوهري، وهي فارسية معرب كرده بالكاف العجمية، معناه المدور، قال أبو النجم:

كان بصيرا بالرغيف الجردق والجرندق كسفرجل: شاعر نقله الصاغاني، وقد ذكره الجواليقي


Mohamad Al Medawar
Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Do not work alone!!!

Hello everyone,

I was enchanted to discover our family’s site on the internet, with the logo of ‘Rabitat El Medawar’. In fact, the family association actually exists in Lebanon, and I invite you to get in touch with them for further development. I can give you contacts if you need. On the other hand, the family tree of Kesrouwan area (Lebanon) is already published. I tried to mail it but it is too heavy to pass. Please try to send me any trusted person to Ajaltoun (Lebanon) and it’s yours! I can also give you historical details on a CD, about the Medawars during the Ottoman’s reign in Lebanon as well as Peter Medawar story as a Nobel Prize winner. I hope to be able to contribute to your site and I’ll be looking forward to see you soon ;)

Dr. Wissam MEDAWAR

Tuesday, 21 July 2009 15:37