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Ladies’ gathering

Dear Ladies

I remind you of the Gathering on Monday the 16th  in Al Rawda cafe at 10:00 am

see you there!

Bassima Medawar 
Saturday, 14 April 2012

Mother’s Day Gathering -2012


Bassima Medawar
Monday, 09 April 2012

Siba and Amarante’s Wedding

On July 21st Siba Al Medawar, daughter of Riyad and Bassima Medawar, was wedded to Amarante Barambio of Spanish Nationality.

The wedding was a blast and amazing pictures were taken then to immortalize those happy moments…take a look:

Mohamad Al Medawar
Sunday, 08 April 2012

hey medawars!

آل المدور المحترمون،

تحية طيبة للجميع

رابطة آل المدور تدعو الجميع كبارا” وصغارا” نساء” ورجالا

الى المشاركة في تنشيط دور الرابطة بما يعود بالفائدة على العائلة جميعها.

الرجاء ارسال اقتراحاتكم الى

أو الى اي بريد الكتروني لأحد أفراد الرابطة

باسمة المدور

Sunday, 26 February 2012

A Primary Visit for One, A return for the Other

This was a Special Summer in our home; We were visited by Medawar Family members from USA. Uncle Bassem Medawar was paying us his second visit, the first being last summer. While for Alex Medawar, Daughter of Abed Medawar ( Bassem’s Brother) and Grand daughter of Mohamad Kamal Medawar, it was her first visit to Lebanon. over the course of more or less 2 weeks, we had the pleasure to get to know uncle Bassem more and meet the Fabulous Alex :)

We made sure Uncle Bassem and Alex visited most of the places that are part of Lebanon’s heritage, Such the fortress and old city of Byblos (Jbeil), Der il kamar, Downtown, Jeita Grotto, Harissa Cable car up to “Saydet Lebnan” Statue, Cedar Forest, and many other places. We also did some Hiking, Mountain Climbing and swimming activities across Lebanon. Not to mention all the good iftars, movies, Outings and good times we had together and with the entire family..

The pictures from their visits Clearly illustrate how it was, So if you would like to see the albums, Make sure to dd Bassem Medawar on facebook and see the albums, as for now I’ll post some sample pictures and hope youi enjoy!

P.S: I’ll leave it to Alex and Bassem to intorduce themselves to you! (Bassem Medawar is the Admin of the site if you need to contact him personally ;)

Mohamad Al Medawar
Monday, 20 September 2010

Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan Kareem and Happy FITR to all Medawar Family

wishing you a blessed 3id ya rab …. God Bless you All

Walid Medawar 
Wednesday, 08 September 2010

A Friendship Prayer

I would like to share this Prayer so each Medawar Member know he or she is a friend for me

A Friendship Prayer
God, I come to your throne for prayer
Knowing that you are always near
You always know what’s on my mind,
For you are always right on time.

I have so many dear loving friends
Some in need, others hurt so much,
Would you please just stop by today,
To let them feel your loving touch

I just leave them in your loving care
As I kneel before you, I leave a prayer.
That You will supply each need today,
They will know you are not far away.

I leave them now in your strong arms
Knowing Lord, your will be done,
All things happen, it is your plan,
Someday in glory we will understand.

Friends stand by when we’re in need
How nice to feel friends gentle breeze,
I give God thanks for each one so dear,
Friends are special, God answers prayer.

- © 2006 Bernice Ward

Walid Medawar
Friday, 16 July 2010

Majed Medawar’s Art School Exhibition

Majed Medawar(in blue shirt on the left) in his art Exhibition carrying has hand-made mirror with artistic geometrical (mosaic) shapes surrounding it

Majed’s gradfatherMohammad kamal Medawar, grandmother wendy Medawar , and mother Bassima Medawar

a 3D drawing

An art work

Bassima Medawar
Sunday, 30 May 2010

The union of Families in Beirut

Dear family

The union of Families in Beirut has formed nine committees, hoping to try to make a difference in the development of Beirut. These committees are:

  • Public Relations headed by Mr. Hisham Dimachkiya,
  • Youth and Sports headed by Mr. Adel Yamout,
  • Education and learning headed by Mr. Hassan Hallak,
  • Environment headed by Mr. Imad Medawar,
  • Health by Mr. Nourdeen El Koush ,
  • Commerce By Mr. Abdallah Shaheen,
  • publications by Ousamah Mehio,
  • Finance by Ghazi El Habri,
  • And Last but not Least The Ladies committee headed by Mrs. Ikbal Doughan.

The Ladies are very enthusiastic about Being able to raise awareness about a lot of issues that worry the Lebanese women as a whole. We will follow these Ladies to Find out what they have in mind for us :-)

Bassima Medawar 
Sunday, 23 May 2010


Daad Medawar was engaged to be married to Fuad Nomani, we wish them a long life of Bliss and Happiness together .

Daad is the daughter of Ibrahim Mohammad Kamal Medawar and Wisam Hunieny, she currently works at Bank Med, so does Fuad her fiance.

Bassima Medawar 
Friday, 14 May 2010

30th Anniversary

Everything I am, Every ounce of good I’ve done in my life is attributed to my parents!  Mom, Dad (Bassima Medawar and Riyad Medawar), You raised us well… Happy 30th anniversary!

Few Relations In Earth Never Die – F ^ R ^ I ^ E ^ N ^ D

“ F “ Few
- “ R “ Relations
- “ I “ In
- “ E “ Earth
- “ N “ Never
- “ D “ Die
-They are Thee who whatever my Weak human Soul Produce their true Friendship Soul Embrace.

-They are the reason I Rejoice the new Moment of Life I gain with each beat of my heart.

-I’m always Half of everything till I’ll be completed by whom I call “friend “.

-GOD granted us Talent to spare but Yet he also created friends to make us show them with dare.

-When God Created forgiveness it was for the sake of “Eternal Friendship” for only them can give it.

-The Sun may light me when It Shine but a friend Light me all the time.

- Friends are the Heart of Life while Love is Part of life.

-Our relations in life are subject to changes from Love to Hate but only their relations have the direction
from Love to Believe.

-In My Moment of “Self Criticism” he is the one to Offer me back my “ Self Believe “.

-A friend is whom I stand next to him as “ME “,no camouflage, no Pretending and NO fear.

-They are Thee who Join our Souls by FUSION and not by Sharing.

-They are those who are not Around but whom are Treasured deep Inside.

-The things you cherish are Soon to be Gone but a friend you cherish will never gone.

-They are Thee who if we did everything or we did nothing will still have it as Best time Together.

-Are Those who Strengthen me with their prayers, Bless me with Their Love and encourage me with
their Hope.

-A 24 Hours action in this Cruel Life might seem Impossible to overcome Unless we are cruising them next to a friend.

-The meaning of My Smile was revealed to me while making my first Friend and since then not shown unless in the smiles of my friends.

-A Friend is Thee who I find him next to me when other chosen to be somewhere else.

-As Human we Tend to Leave our Old things behind but still our sweetest word will ever be : Old Friends we are and still.

Friends are the Book that can never be closed or Finished so ill end up by this Quote who always marked my life

“However rare true love may be, it is less so than true friendship.”
La Rochefoucauld (1665)

Walid Medawar 
Wednesday, 05 May 2010